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bpass - a revolutionary way to store passwords in the blockchain!

As usual around this year, Jugend Hackt took place in Berlin.

This year, my team and I decided to join the start-up blockchain crypto cloud buzzword bubble by creating bpass; a revolutionary blockchain password manager.


By putting all of our customers passwords into the blockchain in clear text, every node in our decentralized centralized blockchain should be able to verify the functionality of each credential. This is the ultimate product to protect against hackers of any type!

Technology Stack

The code was written in golang, because golang rocks. Due to complicated reasons (I was too lazy to implement a decentralized blockchain) we simply spun up a gitea server, which stored the passwords in commits. The concept was brilliant - a centralized decentralized blockchain! This will disrupt the blockchain and password manager market forever!.

Each commit looks like the following:

[previous commit hash]
[password in clear text]

Because we all know that git commits can not be altered in any way (git commit --amend is a lie and fake news!) this security concept is very secure and enterprise-ready!

I would like to show some code, which I am particularly proud of (the complete repository can be found at gitlab.com/bpass/bpass-core):

func ValidateCommit(commit *object.Commit) bool {
    // return true
    if commit.ParentHashes[0].String() != strings.Split(commit.Message, "\n")[0] { return false }
    log.Debug("Checked hash ", commit.Hash.String())
    return true


Our amazing presentation can be found here.

I would like to thank my team, all other participants and Jugendhackt alpacas. You rock ❤️.