Daniel Malik

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Hello! I am Daniel, a 16 year old tech enthusiast from Duisburg, Germany. My general interests reach from server administration to backend development. I am specializing myself in backend web development with golang. In my spare time I work on different projects. I host most of those on GitHub. I am currently studying at a Gymnasium in 10th grade.


You can always reach me on Twitter. If you prefer Emails, you can reach me at [email protected]. I prefer PGP encrypted emails. You can find my public key here or on Keybase.


I try to work with a lot of different technologies. Currently I am working a lot with Golang. Before that I worked with Node.JS and some frontend JavaScript combined with PHP. I use Laravel from time to time for quicker projects. For databases, I mostly go with NoSQL but I am also comfortable creating SQL data schemes and designing a database. Currently I am working a lot on Django projects and DevOps due to my job at beta eG.
I am always fascinated about tech stacks and versatile problems. I also love working with servers and devops engineering. I utilise Arch Linux in daily use and RHEL (CentOS) on all of my servers, so I have some good knowledge on Linux administration and solving common administrative problems too.