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Hello, I am Daniel Malik, a 17 year-old Backend Developer and DevOps Engineer based in Duisburg, Germany. I am passionate about writing stable, maintainable and high-quality code and deploying applications with state-of-the-art technology and security standards.

You can find my social network profiles, including my GitHub page, on the left hand side.

My CV is available for download here.


You can always reach me on Twitter. If you prefer Emails, you can reach me at [email protected]. I prefer PGP encrypted emails. You can find my public key here or on Keybase.

Recent blog posts

Jugendhackt Bpass

bpass - a revolutionary way to store passwords in the blockchain! As usual around this year, Jugend Hackt took place in Berlin. This year, my team and I decided to join the start-up blockchain crypto cloud buzzword bubble by creating bpass; a revolutionary blockchain password manager. Abstract By putting all of our customers passwords into the blockchain in clear text, every node in our decentralized centralized blockchain should be able to verify the functionality of each credential.

Hello World

Hello, world! Welcome to my new blog. I threw my website against Hugo to make it bloggable.